Drive user habits via personalised incentive loops, under a budget.
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Promote users to keep coming back by incentivizing them on completing core activities on your platform - with just the right amount being spent on every customer.

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Promote Habit Formation

Interactive incentive programs to cater every customer across their lifecycle

CustomerGlu has a built-in library of dynamic incentive programs with human-centered design to achieve a wide range of business goals - across the customer lifecycle

Infrastructure to do it at scale

Incentivization at Scale

One dashboard to create, manage & analyze personalized habit loops for each user

Dynamic Incentive Programs

Auto generated sequence of activities nudge the users to perform core activities more often - driving long term habits

Individualize using AI

Personalizing the incentive programs for every customer ensures that businesses cater to an individual's needs while optimizing for their business constraints

Budget optimized Rewards

On completion of an incentive program, CustomerGlu spends "just-enough" on every user from a predefined budget.

What our Customers Say

"We at Rapido are glad as early adopters. The product value proposition is amazing, as a marketer we would want to optimise each penny spend increasing the conversions and MARS was very efficient at it. Wishing Prateek & his young team a great launch"
Arun Prasaath,
Growth at Rapido
“Very interesting. Being able to tailor a coupon to each and every customer depending on their behavior and needs is the future of online marketing. This is obviously something that only AI would be able to achieve especially with very large and diverse customer base. Great job Mars team, you are onto something big!”
Philip Mannius Zudemberg ,
CEO of Apoteum
“Great product with a super-smart technology and team behind it!”
Kevin Lunga,
Founder longa consulting
“I used the beta version of MARS at DailyNinja and I must say it's super efficient in reducing your marketing spent while maximising conversions.Good to see that now you are focusing on one part of the business i.e offers.”
Sushant kumar ,
Product Manager at DailyNinja.
“Amazing product :) Love the concept of JUST ENOUGH”
Niti Shree,
Founder SkiptheLine
“Personalization via reinforcement learning is a good idea”
Srinivas Padmanabhuni,
AI Advisor
State of the art

Human + Artificial Intelligence

Our Reinforcement Learning driven models learn your customers situations and motivations with every interaction to fine tune the incentives.
Your campaigns keep getting smarter and more effective with every iteration.

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