Learn how BookMyShow used CustomerGlu to improve core user engagement metrics by 2X.

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Over the past 12 months, we worked with CustomerGlu to launch over 60 user engagement and retention campaigns on Buzz. Granular data from these experiments on the same dashboard has also provided fantastic insights on what increases time spent and what brings back users to the platform. If you are looking for solutions to increase user retention and engagement, CustomerGlu is everything you need.

Manasi Rawalgaonkar
Content & Strategy | BookMyShow

About BookMyShow

BookMyShow is India's leading platform for out-of-home entertainment needs - movies, music concerts, theatricals, sports and more.

BookMyShow started as a platform for booking movie tickets online, but it has since expanded to offer tickets for a wide range of events. Today, the platform is available in over 650 cities across India and has a user base of over 30 million people.

BookMyShow has partnerships with over 4,000 cinemas and theatres in India, making it one of the largest online ticketing platforms in the country. In addition to booking tickets, the platform also offers features like movie reviews, trailers, and personalized recommendations based on user preferences.

BookMyShow’s Objective

In 2018, BookMyShow launched its in-app entertainment and social media feed ‘Buzz’. It’s a community-based platform for entertainment enthusiasts, where users can discover, share, and discuss their favourite movies, TV shows, music, and events.

With the help of CustomerGlu, BookMyShow wanted to increase user engagement, encourage participation and improve retention on Buzz.

Why did they pick CustomerGlu?

BookMyShow needed a platform that could help them launch their gamification experiments very fast, and without involving developers in the process.

They wanted a platform that gave them a no-code builder and allowed them to run multiple experiments quickly.

After careful consideration, they chose CustomerGlu as their low-code gamification platform.

CustomerGlu gave them an easy-to-use dashboard that helped them reduce their turnaround time and implement gamification elements without involving a developer. This saved them a lot of time and effort in designing and developing these elements from scratch.

Journey with CustomerGlu

BookMyShow started its journey with CustomerGlu in Q1 of 2022.

They leveraged programs like quizzes and surveys that are available out-of-the-box on the CustomerGlu dashboard and they ran multiple experiments with various quizzes throughout the year.

CustomerGlu's no-code dashboard allowed their content and marketing teams to easily create, launch, and experiment with multiple gamification elements in just a few hours and led them to create engaging experiences for their users.

Moreover, CustomerGlu's real-time analytics tools provided BookMyShow with valuable insights and data on their customers' behaviour and preferences. This enabled them to fine-tune their gamification strategy and offer more personalized rewards and incentives to their customers.

By the end of the year, the BookMyShow team had run over 60 campaigns that engaged over 5.4 Mn cinephiles.

The Results

These extremely relevant programs combined with a powerful dashboard for customisations improved user engagement metrics across the board.

BookMyShow observed a 25% increase in the average session time on Buzz as the users engaged more with quizzes. The average bounce rate on Buzz almost halved and CustomerGlu-powered posts on Buzz received 2X the number of likes compared to other posts.

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