Learn how Zivame leveraged CustomerGlu to improve purchases by 8%.

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CustomerGlu has given us a chance to explore gamification solutions with early positive results. As we continue leveraging their capabilities and unlock the platform’s full potential, we anticipate even greater success in the future.

Deepak Tripathi
Lead pricing and CRM at Zivame

About Zivame

Zivame is a leading e-commerce platform in India, offering a wide range of intimate apparel, activewear, and personal care products across 1000+ stores in India.

Zivame's Objective

Zivame wanted to improve their core purchase conversion metrics and sought CustomerGlu's help to achieve this.

Why did they pick CustomerGlu?

Zivame needed a platform that could help them improve their purchase conversion metrics quickly and easily. They wanted a platform that gave them a no-code builder and allowed them to run multiple experiments quickly.

After careful consideration, they chose CustomerGlu as their low-code gamification platform.

CustomerGlu gave them an easy-to-use dashboard that helped them reduce their turnaround time and implement gamification elements without involving a developer. This saved them a lot of time and effort in designing and developing these elements from scratch.

Journey with CustomerGlu

Zivame started its journey with CustomerGlu in Q4 of 2022. They started leveraging games such as Spin the Wheel, Gift Box, Slot Machine, and Scratch Cards which are available right out of the box on the CustomerGlu dashboard. This allowed Zivame to experiment with different types of gamification constructs and consistently improve engagement and conversions.

The games added a layer of delight for the user and helped drive coupon conversions and purchase conversions.

Moreover, CustomerGlu's real-time analytics tools provided Zivame with valuable insights and data on their customers' behaviour and preferences. This enabled them to fine-tune their gamification strategy and offer more personalized rewards and incentives to their customers.

The Results

Zivame's use of the CustomerGlu enabled them to consistently experiment with different types of games, which improved engagement as well as conversions. After using CustomerGlu, Zivame saw an improvement in their conversion rates by 8% and was able to engage 2.5 lakh unique users with their campaigns over a period of 7 months.

Overall, Zivame was able to improve their core purchase conversion metrics with the help of CustomerGlu. The platform helped them improve customer retention and overall business performance.

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