Top Gamification Strategies that will boost your sales in 2021

"Sales" and "Discounts" are so common that it has pushed customers to discount fatigue. Having frequent and boring promotions does more harm to your business than good. Instead, increase Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction with Gamification.
Gamification improves user engagement and conversion rates in numerous ways. We have previously written a blog giving an introduction to Gamification. Missed it? Read it here.

Gamification is the craft of deriving all the fun and engaging elements found in games and applying them to real-world or productive activities.

Instead of a function-focused design, present companies include a human-focused design that increases human motivation by taking into account a user’s emotion, insecurities, why they want or do not want to perform an activity, make a transaction, and so on.
Following are some Gamification techniques that companies are already successfully leveraging.

The Chosen One

This is the most common form of Gamification. It makes a user believe they have received a reward that other users didn’t because of luck and continues using your platform to have similar experiences.

This also includes making users believe they have a deeper calling to share value on a platform.
Examples are platforms like Quora, Dribble, and Stackoverflow where users spend a lot of time on the application sharing their knowledge to a larger community on a topic giving them a sense of self-worth.

Work your way up

This process motivates a user to develop skills, overcome challenges and make progress by setting goals. Users have a sense of possession and pride in receiving awards like badges, trophies, stamps and more.
Some examples would be, habit development app, Fabulous that helps you set goals as simple as, Drink 3 glasses of water every day, and encourages you to complete them.

Fitness app - Fitbit rewarding their users with badges on completion of physical milestones.

A mind of your own

This model of Gamification keeps users engaged by encouraging their creative side as well as receive comments on their work and rewarding them for their input. 
SheIn, an online shopping website, lets their users design and submit outfits calling it a SheInr Design. Site visitors can vote on these designs and those with the most votes will receive a reward.

Two peas in a pod

It’s hard to find an app that doesn’t involve social influence to drive their users to perform an action. This segment of Gamification shows your friends’ progress and achievements; giving you a sense of competition. For example, Strava notifies a user when their friend has run X kilometers, appreciating them which will in turn motivate the user to run more to have the same reciprocated.

Beat the clock

Studies show that time is a key factor when individuals make decisions. How much do I save if I do this immediately? Having a timer on your flash sales encourages your user to convert sooner than having time to make a decision.

Fashion Nova running flash sales with a timer

You can also allure your users with rewards that can be claimed after a certain period of time. This creates a sense of curiosity, anticipation and impatience - all leading to more activity on your platform.

Don’t break the streak!

Quite often, we perform an action simply because we’ve done it for so long and don’t want to lose our progress. A simple example would be Snapchat streaks that disappear if you fail to snap someone in 24 hours. This is a great way to keep users coming back to your app everyday.

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Key Features

Reward UI Program

Spin The Wheel

Give your customers a “winning” feeling with Spin the wheel. Show users all different rewards/coupons they can win and set the chances of winning each coupon. Your customers win and your business wins as well

Scratch Card

Delight your customers with a scratch card that “earns” them a coupon

Multi-step Program

Accept Challenge

Ask users to participate in a challenge to earn a huge reward by completing a set of activities under a time limit

Do activities

Complete activities on your ecommerce platform like ordering or viewing products from certain high selling categories

Earn Huge Rewards

Give users Scratch cards, Coupons for completing the challenge

Stamp collection program

Do activities

Complete activities on your ecommerce platform like ordering or viewing products from certain high selling categories

Earn Stamps

Earn Stamps for completing these activities

Configure Recipes for Stamps redemption

Redeem stamps or combination of stamps to earn rewards.

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