Rebranding : Mars is now known as CustomerGlu

Marax AI has been on a mission to solve the problem of consumer churn since its inception in 2016.
We started with building our Churn Prediction Engine, worked with our early adopters like Dailyninja to prove upto 60% RoI. We soon started to connect the retention actions with churn predictions. One of the common retention option was an Offer.
This is when we launched Marax Action Recommendation Engine aka Mars. Now, Mars was a cool acronym but it failed to convey the tool’s purpose at a glance.

This April 2020 we rolled out Product Dicounts Recommendation, that recommends the right product at a minimal discount. We also provide a built in library of UIs that enable rich offer engagement with the end users, while saving money for businesses, hence we are rebranding

Our aim was to help other businesses understand what we do, that is, promote long-term user behavior driven by habit formation - glue users to your brand. Hence, CustomerGlu.

With a simple and distinctive logo with colors inspired by our product dashboard, we believe CustomerGlu would create an effective first impression for other businesses that need us.

“ …with CustomerGlu - anybody can understand that we’re talking about a B2B SaaS that helps businesses to retain users while saving money..” Prateek Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder

As we move forward into an exciting future, we’d like to thank our customers for the trust they have placed in us.
With a better understanding of our market, our rebranding is a reflection of how ready we are to evolve as a business with a better plan and new goals set. However, our mission remains the same - to help other businesses retain their customers with powerful incentives that spend less.

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