How to maximize conversions with promotions

Design your campaign with your users’ data

Studying your users’ data is important because this gives a clear picture of what item they are looking for, under what price range, and so on.
Following are some of the data points you can build your promotions around

  • Category (Sale, Shoes, Sports)
  • Product Type (Sports Shoes)
  • Product Details (Brand, Colour, Size)
  • Pricing (Price Range)

Based on these data points you can also design your users’ checkout flow to be optimised with discounts like a single-step, multi-step or promo codes.

How to get started?

Save your time as CustomerGlu fits into your existing incentive marketing stack. CustomerGlu integrates via APIs and takes less than 6 hours of your developer’s time to get started.
Commence by creating your campaign along these data points and leave it to our AI System to recommend personalized offers for users’ with just-enough discount to maximize conversion.

Different approaches for promotions

Product Discount Recommendation

To achieve a higher net revenue per conversion recommend the right product to each of your user based on their past interactions with your inventory while optimizing your budget to give the product at a minimal discount. This increases the probability of transaction on your platform.
Eg. for User A, the Adidas shoes could be available at 10% off, whereas for user B, Nike shoes might be available at 15% off.
Learn more here.

Multi-Step Program

Try a Multi-Step Program to build habit and make your users frequently visit your platform. This increases user engagement and helps them find value to your brand.
Users will be able to complete a set of steps and can earn a reward like a scratch card or a direct coupon that they can use.  If your users have already ordered an item - nudge them to buy a similar item or try out a compatible product, driving higher Average Order Value.

Types of offers

Following are some actions your users can perform to receive promotions.

1. First Puchase

On making their first online purchase on your platform, users can receive various rewards like discounts, scratch-cards that will encourage them to make more transactions.

2. Order Above $$ from Category X

If a customer makes an order above a certain price,  nudge them to purchase a similar product with a discount.
For example : If a user purchases an accessory for 10 dollars, recommend another accessory with a discount of 40 percent.

3. Referral Discount

Promotions can be offered to users who have invited a friend to use your platform. This increases the size of your user base bycreating a loop of new users visiting your platform.
For example : User A refers User B and receives a discount, in turn User B invites User C and D and so on.

4. Engagement Email

With your users’ data, push them to make a purchase on their special day, for example birthday, with a BIRTHDAY40 promo code. Not only will it excite your customer but can also build a long-term relationship with your brand.


Keep your users excited with classic rewards like scratch cards, spin-the-wheel and coupons, re-imagined for every user.

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