CustomerGlu raises $300k pre-seed with Better Capital, SmartStart and Techstars

If you don't already know us, we are CustomerGlu - a US-based interactive customer engagement platform, that raised a pre-seed round led by Better Capital and participation from angel investors like Ramakant Sharma, founder of Livspace, Sprouts Investments and Aakash Kumar, SVP Growth at Hotstar. CustomerGlu is currently being accelerated by Techstars.
As more businesses go online, the number of apps on a user’s phone is increasing everyday - this makes it increasingly important for businesses to engage with their users and hook them to their digital experiences. It is 5x more expensive to acquire a new user than driving more revenue from an existing one.
Low-code tools like CustomerGlu are growing as they try to give non-technical product and marketing teams the opportunity to build and alter engagement workflows without writing code.  
CustomerGlu enables customers with a plug-n-play library of interactive templates that helps create engaging experiences  - all of them designed to be top-of-the-line game-like experiences and all of them made available via a simple SDK so product managers don’t have to depend on engineers. Scaling experimentation and saving time.

"Every app wants sticky users, businesses are focusing on push driven marketing by sending distracting notifications to their users - which don’t work, most of the users tend to dismiss or stop the notifications entirely. The market is ripe for pulling their users inside these apps with game-like visual hooks, that make these apps fun and rewarding to use - without requiring help from developers with low code platforms like CustomerGlu"
- says Prateek Gupta, CEO and Founder at CustomerGlu

We have built a top-notch product in record time and launched MVP during the pandemic in August 2020. and are now generating early revenue from our global customers from notable mobile-first industries like D2C, eCommerce, FinTech, Gaming, EdTech and Utility Applications.
Our customers have seen a 42% uplift in daily activities and around 10% uplift in conversions.

Why now?

There will be a massive movement to low code / no code products over the next 5 years and CustomerGlu stands to gain from those tailwinds. The Global Low-Code Development Platform Market is is valued at USD 12.85 Billion in 2020 and expected to reach USD 65.15 Billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 26.1% over the forecast period.

How will the funds be used?

With the latest funding, CustomerGlu will push the envelop further by launching a low-code builder & marketplace of templates and a community of GluExperts via their platform, democratising the customer retention and engagement knowledge in the industry.

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