In the previous blog, we discussed about Customer LTV and why it is so important to use gamified engagement to increase an existing user’s lifetime value.
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A increasing number of repeat transactions from loyal customers is a sign of a successful brand, and some businesses just got it right. Here are some examples of how brands improved their Customer LTV by increasing engagement.

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Gamified Referrals

It is preferable for a new potential user to come to your site on the suggestion of a friend rather than via an advertisement.


Because social validation is so important, people often assume that products that are recommended are better than others, even though they aren't.

Super Hair Pieces is a direct-to-consumer hair piece store. They have one of the largest inventories of hair pieces available online, with a wide range of designs, sizes, and colors.
By implementing referrals not only did they improve customer LTV by 2x but also became a fighting force within the hair pieces industry.


A business that specializes in 3D modelling, engineering, and entertainment applications called AutoDesk, discovered that trial users who used the app at least three times during the trial were more likely to turn to customers.

Autodesk used gamification to build engaging tutorials and reward users. Users would move up the leaderboard as they earned points in virtual "missions." For their efforts, the top users got a reward.
Not only did the contest increase trial engagement by 54% and conversion rates by 15%, but there was a 29% increase in revenue per trial. This meant that shoppers were purchasing more expensive products or several software licenses.
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Personalized Communication

An e-commerce giant in Indonesia witnessed several customers installing the app, most of them would uninstall it within a month.

They used an approach of targeting users by sending customized messages via push notifications, emails, SMS, etc which lead to an of increase customer engagement by 60%. It indicates that the best way to communicate with customers is to use the same principles of personalised communication in many use cases.
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Repeat Purchase

Needless to say, Starbucks runs one of the most successful gamified reward and loyalty programs out there. But here’s a small example of how they used rewards to incentivize their consumer behavior.

They want users to interact with their brand on several occasions in-store. In the picture below, Starbucks offers morning customers a discount on a Grande iced drink if they visit again in the afternoon.

Reward customers for their loyalty

Based in Switzerland,  an online grocery store that sells Indian spices and ingredients had a challenge in hand to build a community of loyal customers being a niche segment.

They started by developing a brand identity that would be consistent across their online store and social media platforms. They then provided additional benefits to their customers, such as delivering conventional goods to their doorstep, free shipping, access to unique spices, and reasonable rates.

They ran flash sales that are only available for exclusive members plus a loyalty program in which users could obtain extra discounts on their high-quality goods. All these strategies enabled them to increase its customer’s LTV drastically.

Keep It Simple

Customers will easily lose interest if the rules are too complicated.

Your business can engage users only by beginning with simple guidelines. Customer reviews, unintentional loopholes, and innovative company features can all result in a change. So, keep it basic at first, and then evolve as the app develops.

Here’s a clean and simple example by Jamba Juice on how to use their rewards.
All of these examples have a different approach to customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty, which eventually leads to higher LTV, proving that there is no one right way to keeping users engaged.

Although, they have one thing in common: they have something that postively impacts their users.

Whether it is personalized messages, creating a sense of competition, rewarding their loyalty or providing value, it is important to treat your users well and they will return the favor. Use gamification to improve customer engagement and satisfaction rather than as a tactic for quick profit.

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