Webcast : Fashion E-Commerceduring and post COVID-19

Akshay Agrawal heads Digital Marketnig at XYXX Apparels. He has great experience with sales and selling products online. He loves having good communication with his Customers and enjoys problem-solving.


XYXX Crew is a 4-year-old company that primarily sells men’s basics and inner-wear. They’re always on a hunt to keep things innovative.

“..To give an example, we brought into the market a fabric that is far better than a normal cotton wear..” , Akshay Agrawal - 6:34

This Indian-made micro-modal fabric is said to feel 3 times softer than the usual cotton wear, making the product feel far more richer, premium, and long-lasting.

“..the response has been absolutely encouraging and fantastic..", Akshay Agrawal - 8:34


Akshay believes it was about time India took a stand for their own entrepreneurs, making people realize the capabilities India can offer. Not just in IT but as well as in the manufacturing industry.

“..we are a 100% Indian brand..”, Akshay Agrawal - 11:41

With enough customer interactions to convey this information, users were glad and proud to purchase from a local brand that reinforced XYXX’s faith in the system.

Impact of COVID-19

Pre-COVID, the majority preferred fashion over comfort. Due to the pandemic and the consequence of everyone staying at home, the demand for more comfortable wear rises.

“..what can make you feel comfortable, almost like a second skin..” , Akshay Agrawal -14:38

The need for comfortable home-wear created a surge in demand for XYXX.


Logistics are the backbone of any E-Commerce functioning and to be blunt, Akshay believes they were taken for granted.

“..without a sturdy supply chain management and logistics, E-Commerce cannot function..”, Akshay Agrawal -18:02

Post-May, logistics started to open up with the intention to support the business. In this situation, both logistics and demands were affected due to pent up products yet to be delivered as well as customers making new orders.

“..because demand generated and not fulfilled is a negative experience for the brand..”, Akshay Agrawal - 20:12

XYXX also re-evaluated their safety measures in addition to the government given regulations with multiple checks for logistics.

Akshay is grateful to the XYXX customers who were empathetic and patient despite not receiving their delivery for a long period of time due to the crisis.

Customer Base

It is important for E-Commerce industries to spread their routes, be prepared for an unprecedented wave as a lot of new users will be trying online platforms for the first time, especially tier 2, tier 3, and rural areas.

“.. as an industry, we have to evolve better to make experiences accessible at a click of a button..”, Akshay Agrawal - 28:40

Offers & Promotions

Personalization of offers in E-Commerce is the closest experience you can give to online customers to bargaining in an offline store.

“..we can try to press that gap without having to build the bridge between offline and online..” , Akshay Agrawal - 32:07

Akshay also believes that relevant communication with your users plays a vital role in giving them a great experience.
At present, XYXX has 3 types of users persona that helps them navigate through personalizing their promotions
Some users try the brand for the first time out of curiosity, or for the print or fabric receive discounts.
Another set of first-time users who will convert only after receiving a discount or strong communication about promotions
Users who find value in the brand and don't expect any discounts.

User Engagement

Akshay believes that content marketing and relevant communication grabs a user’s attention better. With an uncertain period of lockdown, businesses need to keep it realistic and authentic to their brand.

“..this will be a difficult time, but we’re all going to be stronger ..”, Akshay Agrawal - 48:24

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