Drive Customer Engagement With A Gamified UX Layer

Most businesses have figured out the mantra for attracting customers – keeping up with user demands. Having said that, what do modern users crave? While there is no universally correct answer, many consider gamification the way to go.
Games were the most popular category in Apple App Store during 2021 shows their potency. People love games regardless of their age group and geographic location. That is why businesses have started integrating game-like elements within their UX. The intent behind the concept is simple – interact with customers and gain their attention.
The more customers find your design intuitive, the more time they will access it. However, merely saying that might not be enough. Thus, here is everything your business should know about gamified user experience and its role in the modern market.

What is Gamification?

Gamification refers to the process of adding interactive features within UX to encourage user engagement in a game-like format.

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How can Game-Like Elements Improve UX?

It Makes the Experience Fun

Simply put, games are fun, and users like interacting with them. Competition, determination, and curiosity are elements that entice users regardless of their liking for games. Adding challenges, immersion, problem-solving, discovery, etc., can make your platform more fun to browse.

It Simplifies the User Onboarding Process

Imagine using a new platform only to get bombarded with pings and notifications. Similarly, joining a platform with minimal features is not appealing either. Gamification can bridge the gap, offering a feature-rich onboarding process only with an interactive approach.

Your UX can benefit significantly by adding a story to the onboarding process. As users appreciate stories, they will look further into your venture while enjoying the experience.

Completing Tasks can Offer Rewards

Additional rewards never go unnoticed by customers. Moreover, you can offer exclusive tags and recognition rewards to entice the customers. Incentivized efforts ensure that the users will associate the process with positive outcomes.

(These are some of the ways in which interactive game-like elements can drive user motivation and boost engagement)

What Gaming Features Can Digital Businesses Add for Better UX?


Taking on challenges is human nature, and you can leverage it. Motivate your audience by offering different challenges with exclusive rewards. Try dividing the challenges based on their site-usage frequency, daily, weekly, and monthly. The more they compete, the better their rewards are, the better your customer engagement.


Mere challenges aren’t enough to continuously get users to return to the platform. The best way to achieve it is by adding simple games to your platform. Minimalistic games like tic-tac-toe or hide and seek can work wonders for digital businesses.


Recognizing and rewarding users based on their streaks are elements every gamified user experience must possess. It distinguishes loyal users from the crowd, offering a sense of exclusivity for their efforts.

Puzzles and Quizzes:

Intuitive puzzles and quizzes can also help businesses engage users within the platform. As users can access more functionalities, their chances of accessing more services increase significantly. Ask them questions about your industry and brand to help them gain knowledge about both.

Referral Program:

Once users appreciate your gamified user experience, they’re bound to talk about it. You can capitalise on this tendency by offering them a referral bonus.

Interactive Nudges:

Push notifications or interactive nudges are integral for businesses as they can remind users about your platform. Perform some research and find the ideal slot when your users are most active. Then, send an interactive nudge to utilise the chance and get them hooked on your platform.

(The key interactive components that help to drive customer engagement. When building an interactive solution for your app or web platform, these component will ensure great results for your gamified system)

Now that you understand the importance of gamification in UX, what better way to try it than with an expert? CustomerGlu can help you achieve the specified objectives and even more at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is gamification?

A. Gamification is the process of adding game-like elements in UX to interact with customers intuitively.

Q. What kind of businesses can use gamification?

A. Any digital business can integrate gamification regardless of the industry and business scale.

Q. Do I need specific knowledge to integrate such elements?

A. Yes, that’s why availing of an expert like CustomerGlu is suggested.

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