Drive a First Purchase with Gamification

One of the most crucial objectives for online businesses to achieve is driving a user’s first purchase.
In the world of eCommerce, the term cart abandonment is inevitably a common block. This occurs when a user adds items to a shopping cart but leaves before completing the transaction.
This may be a result of various reasons such as lack of trust, unconvincing price, additional shipping/tax costs, or even a confusing checkout. But let alone cart abandonment, some new users remain inactive without even adding products to the cart.
By leveraging the right Gamification technique, businesses can easily overcome these barriers and put their new users on a path to loyalty. Here's how

A Delightful Experience

Sell the experience. Not the product. It is very unlikely that your products don’t have an alternative in other brands. This gives users a wide range of options to choose from when they have a certain need. Instead, embed selling your product with a satisfying experience. 
We’re going to look at an approach that drives the feeling of Development & Accomplishment amongst users. According to the Octalysis Framework by Yu-kai Chou, it is the most common implementation of gamification we see in the market, as most of the PBLs – points, badges, and leaderboards – appeal heavily to this drive. 
I highly doubt a new user redeeming a reward if he or she just visits your website or application and sees “Congratulations! You’ve won…” . Instead, reward your new users by giving them a task or a set of tasks to be completed on your platform. 
Since humans have a natural tendency to desire progress, customers will feel motivated to perform these actions. Remember to keep the experience simple and clear.

This can be in the form of a Stamp Collection Program where you can define a set of activities that you want users to complete. Create your own unique stamps themed around your products or a season that a user can collect on completing activities.
Instead of hesitating and overthinking, get your users excited to make their first purchase!
CustomerGlu helped Purplle increase engagement by 300% by rewarding users with Stamps for completing a set of activities.

Similarly, a Multi-Step Challenge can comprise of a set of activities users can complete to receive a reward. Learn how you can build a Multi-Step Challenge with CustomerGlu here.


Evidently enough, this is a new user who found your brand and came to your website for something specific - pick it up. Collect their data, the items they’ve viewed and so on.
Personalize the activities you’re going to present to them as part of the Challenge. It would be really hard for a dancer to not look at 5 other dance shoes, especially if they are going to be rewarded for doing so. You can also go one step further and personalize the reward for each user based on their interests, this would encourage them to complete the challenge sooner.
With CustomerGlu, you can personalize the activities and rewards for each user optimized for your business.

Additional Tips

Build trust

Add Leave a review as one of the activities for other users. Seeing positive reviews on your products and services encourages new users to build trust with your brand.

Stay in touch

How do you communicate these challenges and rewards to users if they’re not spending time on your app? Nudges. Send push-notifications, SMS, emails, and welcome offers to get new users back on your app.

Exciting rewards

When users complete a challenge, instead of just a discount, reward your users with scratch cards, spin-the-wheel, or a slot machine. Make their purchase memorable so they return to your platform after their first purchase.

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