Creating Meaningful User Engagements With Gamification: The Sutradhar Interview

(My Sutradhar)

Sutradhar is a visual storytelling platform that aims to keep ancient Indian stories and storytelling traditions alive. Sutradhar means a person who tells stories. Ancient India had great Sutradhara such as Kalidas, Kabir, and many more. 

Challenged by the tremendous rise of popularity of social media platforms, modern-day Sutradhars have struggled to survive and sustain themselves by practicing their art forms.

Sutradhar aims to re-popularise these stories by harnessing the power of social media. The readers can directly share these stories with their friends and family via Whatsapp. Its current objective is to give the storytellers a platform to tell mythological stories from their local tradition and culture to a broad audience through mobile phones. 

The larger objective is to make Indian Mythology and Cultural Traditions mainstream by giving easy access to stories behind those traditions. It aims to become the largest user-curated platform, allowing millions to showcase their talent via audio and video modes.

CustomerGlu is currently working with Sutradhar to build gamified experiences to improve their engagement metrics and increase customer LTV

In an interview with Satish Meena, Co-Founder of Sutradhar, we discussed the ideas of gamified engagements, growing your company, and building meaningful customer engagements. 

Here is the interview as it transpired

Amreeta: Before you came to CustomerGlu, what were the problems you tried to solve or improve at Sutradhar?

Satish: As I mentioned, the amount of time spent on our platform is not the key criterion we are measuring because we don’t have that kind of content right now. So we are releasing one story daily, including five days of concise stories with 2-3 mins of content in each, and on the weekends, we have longer, 10-15 mins videos. If the user wants to spend a lot of time, there isn’t enough content for that right now. Therefore for us, regularity is more important.

The first problem we were looking to solve was engagement and habit formation.

"We want to make sure that our users keep coming back to Sutradhar daily"

The second is that the user should do more than just watch the video. The user should be able to spread the word, share it with their friends and family. He should be able to participate in the activity. We don’t want our videos to be one-way communication where we show you a video, and you are watching it. But you cannot engage with the content that we are putting up. 

(Spin The Wheel)

Because notifications don’t work, I mean they work for some time, but beyond that, people just start ignoring them. For this reason, we were looking to build engagements with the help of quizzes and spin-the-wheel-type activities. For Sutradhar, we wanted something more than simple notifications, which is why we came to CustomerGlu. 

Amreeta: So, could you tell us a bit about the game-like engagements of CustomerGlu that you are currently using and the impact it has made? 

Satish: So, it’s still very early days, but we are currently using three main features from CustomerGlu at this point. One is referrals, the second one is quizzes, and the third one is streaks. So out of these three, the referrals are live now. And the initial response is excellent on the referrals program. We have seen 60 to 70 of our users out of a total user base of around 500 complete the referral activity. 

(Referral Program)

We have also launched our paid subscription during the last 3 to 4 weeks, so now users can get a few months of free subscription when they refer to the app, which adds further incentive for the users to try out the referrals.  We are hopeful that in the coming months, this should pick up because right now, we are adding more users to the platform. 

Quizzes will launch soon, and within the next month, we will launch streaks. We wanted to launch one new feature every month to have something new to launch each month!

(This is how the referral program looks like)

Amreeta: Is there any specific instance about CustomerGlu that you liked and would like to share with us?

Satish: So the thing that I liked about CustomerGlu and that also motivated us to try this out is the plug-and-play nature of this solution. 

"You don’t have to do much, and even if you have a small tech team, you can still integrate it into your app, and that’s the essential requirement for any startup like ourselves"

A solution like this makes it very easy for us to try out new things, and if they don’t work out, we can discard them without the hassle of dealing with a team of freelancers and all that. 

Amreeta: Can you share what is next for Sutradhar? What new features can the users expect?

Satish: Yeah, so as I mentioned, next up is quizzes. So it will be short quizzes based on the stories we publish. The users can answer the questions and stand a chance to win prizes. And finally, we will also have streaks. Streaks will ensure that users who consume daily stories on our platform will unlock certain perks and privileges as a reward for their regularity. 


The gamified structures show us great results, but it is also too soon to judge the number. In a few more months, we will have a much clearer picture of the user engagements. But the numbers thus far do promise very positive results for the future as well. 

We had a fantastic time chatting with Satish. His energy and passion to re-popularise ancient stories were truly inspiring, and we are looking forward to continuing on this gamified journey for many more years to come. You can checkout their website here -

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Can gamification increase user engagement?

A. Gamification marketing can also improve user engagement by making the user feel in control. By creating a gamification campaign with a strong game design, it encourages exploration and users get to decide how to proceed. If they're choosing how to play and interact, they're more likely to enjoy the experience overall.

Q. How does gamification work?

A. Gamification works by providing audiences with proactive directives and feedback through game mechanics and game dynamics added to online platforms that lead to the accomplishments of business goals and objectives.

Q. How effective is gamification?

A. According to the International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, gamification increased retention by 12.23% and increased overall performance by 7.03%. Gamification is one of the most effective ways to increase learner engagement, retention, and recall by reducing barriers to learning.

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