Drive Customer Engagement With Immersive User Experiences

What Our Clients Say

The journey with CustomerGlu has been amazing so far with respect to both increase in engagement as well as conversions.
We see about 1 in every 10 users engaging in gameplays. The gameplays also helped in getting repeat customers and making churned customers active again!

Sakshi Shah
Associate Product Manager at Bewakoof.com

“We have seen a 4x uplift in conversions against the previous sale; engagement has been pretty good”

Neha Malhan
Director of Retention at Purplle

Engage Your Customers With Games & Gamified Designs

Customer Engagement is the key to the success of any digital business. The more people engage with your app, the higher are the chances of them falling in love with it.

When users are having a fun time, they will stay longer on your platform

Build engaging experiences to drive user motivation


Use fun mini engagements with progress bars to motivate users to complete activities on your app or web platform.

Encourage your users to discover the new features of your app or web platform by adding game-like elements.


You can also add games like mini-quizzes, slot machines and spin-the-wheels to your app or web platform. These will create immersive experiences where your users can win exciting rewards.


Adding daily streaks to your app ensures your users return regularly. Streaks are a great way to improve your customer engagement by developing habit formation. The streaks reward your users for regularity, increasing the rewards with each new day.


We love our customers, and they love us.

I must say it's super efficient in reducing your marketing spent while maximising conversions.

I must say it's super efficient in reducing your marketing spent while maximising conversions.

Sushant kumar

Product Manager



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