Product Discount

Recommend the most preferred product for every user with just-the-right discount to higher conversions from the same budget.


Incentive Budget Optimization

Spend just-the-right amount on every user, instead of giving blanket discounts. This prevents discount addiction and gets more conversions from the same expense.


Multi-step program

Promote users to perform critical activities on your platform to earn more rewards - building long lasting user habits.

Use cases for Food & Grocery delivery

Drive repeat orders behavior under a budget

Promote users to perform core activities by rewarding them with a variable scratch card or spin the wheel reward every time they place an order.

Present personalized food & grocery items at a specific discount suited for every user

Recommend the right product, e.g., the restaurant or food item or breakfast cereals, with a particular discount - considering the discount margin on every item.

Send Interactive Rewards that boost incentive engagement

Choose from a library of dynamic reward UIs like scratch cards, spin the wheel programs that keep the users engaged to the incentives.

Optimize your incentive budget by spending just-the-right amount on every user

Spraying users with discounts like 10% off for everyone using PROMOCODE addicts the users to discounts and creates a shallow user base. CustomerGlu spends just enough for every user to place an order.

Encourage users to try out new restaurants or items that drive higher Average Order value

Use multi-step habit formation construct to drive new habits for your users. If your users already order lunch or dinner - nudge them to buy breakfast or try out a new restaurant, driving higher Average Order Value

Infinite Possibilities

Why CustomerGlu?

CustomerGlu uses Reinforcement Learning to create adaptive incentives for your users’ behavior and optimize them for your business constraints enabling businesses to send just-the-right incentives to every user - under a budget. Preventing customer addiction to discounts and leading them on a path to value discovery.

Ready to improve the performance of discounts?

Design compelling product discount campaigns - personalize the products for each user, while staying under your budget