With close to a million downloads, Purplle is the highest rated online beauty shopping app in India.
Before their customary sale, Purplle intended to increase user engagement. They aimed to drive traffic to their application more frequently and reward their customers in a novel approach instead of giving out coupon codes and other common methods that eventually lead to discount fatigue amongst users.
Furthermore, Purplle wanted to target their users with personalized products, and to do so, they wanted their users to complete activities, like a beauty quiz to collect these data points.


Amongst the various types of campaigns that can be enabled with CustomerGlu, the most ideal campaign to cater to Purplle’s needs was the Activity UI Program - Stamp Collection Challenge. The Activity UI Program motivates customers to complete core activities on the platform.
From a user’s perspective, it excites them and gives a sense of accomplishment once completed, and from a business standpoint, it activates new users and increases the frequency of transactions.


With the total idea to execution time being less than 14 days, the campaign was launched a week prior to Purplle’s August 4th Sale.
Users were notified about the Program via Social Media, push notifications and E-mail.
1,34,938 activites were completed by the 48, 576  users who participated.
The Development and UI Design team at CustomerGlu worked tirelessly to make sure the experience for the end user was fluid and the user nudges and updates were in real time.

Some of the challenges the team faced was handling  Scale during peak hours of sale. They were able to handle 40,000 Requests per minute. The team had to cater to deep optimization to improve read times and render time of UI, indexes were optimized and the load time was improved by ten times.
Activity Buy Elite Membership was completed 405 times and Place an order  was completed 492 times
Increase of 37.24 % in view cart and 29.17 % in view products with 10.46 % uplift in add to cart.

Return Rate and Activities Completed
42% of users came back on different days to complete an activity and 60% of users completed atleast 2 activites in the program window.

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