Challenge your visitors and drive conversions

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The vision

Create engaging quizzes - all without a developer

20 %

of users return to play the Quiz

Engaging Features

Improve engagement by adding exciting features like timers, reactions, and more.


Rich customizability without coding to suit your application.

Launch in 10 minutes

Create and go live with your campaign in a few clicks.

Use Cases


Educate your customers about product benefits

When your customers know why your product stands out - they are 10x more likely to make a purchase


Drive product discovery for visitors

Curious users engage with quizzes that lead them to discover new product launches or latest collections on your Shopify store


Increase conversion rate

Reward your users with discounts and coupon codes on completing a quiz to get them hooked to your Store

What Our Clients Say

"We have seen 30% increase in DAU the day quizzes went live on the platform, with increase in the session duration. Glu has helped us reduced our time to market by months, and saves a lot of dev effort."

Niveditha Nadimpalli
Product, Zolve

Explore content - led discovery via quizzes

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