Double The Fun of Your Media And Entertainment App With Gamification Features

What Our Clients Say

“We want to make sure that our users keep coming back to Sutradhar daily. So we decided to start with the gamified referrals. And the initial response is excellent on the referrals program. We have seen 60 to 70 of our users out of a total user base of around 500 complete the referral activity.”

Satish Meena
Co-Founder Sutradhar

Jazz Up Your App With Game-Like Experiences

Have you ever wondered how you could present something out of the box to your users in the media and entertainment sector? The introduction of games can give a new direction to your app and help you build a unique user experience. 

User experience is one of the most important assets to consider when you want to grow and take the proper measures to ensure that it is gradual. Game-like elements can be helpful to gently nudge your users to discover all the new features on your app or web platform.

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Right from the start, engage your audiences with personalised content that they will enjoy! Use custom recommendations to lead them in the right direction.


You can avail the wide range of personalized gamified designs and choose the one that best fits your requirements. Moving ahead, we will personalize it further and ensure that you’re the absolute best in the industry.



Encourage viewers to finish what they started with gamified nudges. Content recommendations should be sent out at a time when the user is most likely to engage keeping the content discovery super easy and intuitive.

Purplle is redefining beauty shopping in India with its game-like engagements that drive user motivation


We love our customers, and they love us.

I must say it's super efficient in reducing your marketing spent while maximising conversions.

I must say it's super efficient in reducing your marketing spent while maximising conversions.

Sushant kumar

Product Manager



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