Add A Personal Touch To Your Fintech App With Gamification And Boost Customer Engagement

What Our Clients Say

"We have seen 30% increase in DAU the day quizzes went live on the platform, with increase in the session duration. Glu has helped us reduced our time to market by months, and saves a lot of dev effort."

Niveditha Nadimpalli
Product, Zolve

Increase Your User Engagement With Immersive Experiences

It's time to dispel the myth that gamification is limited to games. Fintech is a trending market and has an exponentially high rate of growth.

It has a solid user base across all age groups; thus, ensuring user satisfaction is the primary goal. The industry's growth demands more efforts to attract new customers while uplifting the experience of the ones already using it. Games and game-like elements can add a fun new way for the users to interact with the app—the various in-product journeys, when gamified, can drive user motivation and boost customer engagement.

At CustomerGlu, We Value Your Principles & Visualize your goals



Streamline the sign-in and authentication process to reduce the adoption barrier. Automated reminders can be set up for consumers who go off the grid during the onboarding process.


With gamification, your fintech app will get that extra bit of zing it requires. You can add progress bars and checkpoints to motivate your users by showing how much they have accomplished. The unique user experience will act as the bonanza and filter it from the competitors.



Remind customers about account rebalancing, payment due dates, and investment possibilities with regular nudges. Personalized content can help you keep customers engaged across all of their preferred channels and devices.

Zolve uses CustomerGlu's services to provide top-notch features to its users and provide them one its kind financial services


We love our customers, and they love us.

I must say it's super efficient in reducing your marketing spent while maximising conversions.

I must say it's super efficient in reducing your marketing spent while maximising conversions.

Sushant kumar

Product Manager



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