Drive Learner Motivation In The Booming Ed-Tech Industry

Build An Immersive & Fun Learning Environment With Gamification

The pandemic has changed a lot of the fundamental way we live our lives. For starters, it has made us embrace the growing digital technology in our daily lives. One direct consequence of this is the boom of the ed-tech industry.

The amalgamation of gamification and Ed-Tech is the solution to grow the industry. Building such game-like elements will give the learners an experience to cherish.

We Help You Turn Your Ideas Into Reality By Giving The Best Experience To Your Users



Inspire your learner to take the plunge with tailored courses and lessons. Engage them with proactive tips, fun games, and encourage them to set up and track their learning goals at their own pace.


You can select from the array of features that promise high user satisfaction and retention. With gamification, you can provide a real-time experience to your users and increase engagement.



Understand your users’ learning patterns and send personalized course updates and content when they are most likely to engage. Recognize their achievements and alert them about the new exciting lessons that will keep them coming back to the classroom.

Vidyakul chose the cool way to educate kids and ensure that learning never feels the same again

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“We have seen a 4x uplift in conversions against the previous sale; engagement has been pretty good”

Neha Malhan
Director of Retention at Purplle


We love our customers, and they love us.

I must say it's super efficient in reducing your marketing spent while maximising conversions.

I must say it's super efficient in reducing your marketing spent while maximising conversions.

Sushant kumar

Product Manager



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