A drag & drop builder for building game-like experiences.

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Choose your programme

Programs for any stage

Pick a program that suits your use case


All programs are designed with user psyche in mind


Choose from a 100s of premade templates for your use case

How it works

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Customise your experience

Make it your own

Change the look and feel of your program to match the uniqueness of your brand

Infinite possibilities

Get creative in crafting unique workflows that work for segments

100s of Lego-like components

Drag and drop ready psych components to make your program exciting and relevant

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Configure your nudges

Launchers and highlights

Guide users to interact with a
program or activity

Rich and Interactive popups

Let users reach delight faster by playing
a game or activity within a nudge

In-App cards and banners

Make the program more contextual by showing cards on relevant screens of the app

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Launch your experience

Launch with one click

Run a program instantly with a button
click and without need for a developer

Measure performance

Understand if the program is helping
you reach your business goals

Interaction specific metrics

Choose from a 100s of pre-made templates for your use case


View cart & products


Purchases and add to cart

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Experiment and optimise

Personalise experiences

Run unique programs for a set of users based on their behaviour or attributes

A/B Testing

Create and run 2 or more programs in parallel and understand what works best

Update campaigns on the go

Edit and update the campaigns
without the need of an app release

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