Recommend the right product with just-enough discount for every customer

CustomerGlu finds the balance between how personalised the product is and how much discount is needed to maximise the chance of conversion for each user. This helps companies get more conversions for the same campaign spend.


Personalize products while optimizing  discounts for every user

Optimize your budget

Spend just-enough on every user to get maximum product purchases from the existing incentives budget

Human + AI

Boost your campaign performance by telling the AI where to focus and let it achieve scale to get maximum performance

Easy to integrate

Get started with a product discount workflow with our easy to consume APIs. Read the document here.


Spend only what is needed on each product from your inventory

Similar to the tech used by Amazon, recommend the right product to each of your user based on their past interactions with your inventory while optimizing your budget to give the product at a minimal discount.


Rules + AI = Scale with control

You can now focus more on strategy rather than execution while AI takes care of your campaign optimizations.


More conversions per dollar

With minimal spend on each product, get higher conversions from the same spend - improving the ROI of campaigns.

Additionally, prevent discount addiction.


Easy to integrate

Save your time as CustomerGlu fits into your existing incentive marketing stack

““Very interesting. Being able to tailor a coupon to each and every customer depending on their behavior and needs is the future of online marketing. This is obviously something that only AI would be able to achieve especially with very large and diverse customer base. Great job team, you are onto something big!””

Philip Mannius Zudemberg,
CEO of Apoteum

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