Increase Engagement With Game-Like Experiences - Without A Developer!

Amplify User Engagement With These Popular Gamification Features

Games and game-like experiences have the power to drive user motivation by creating immersive user experiences. We have listed our most popular gamified features to help you choose the correct game-like elements for your app or web platform.

Build Beautiful Game-Like Experiences To Drive User Motivation


Build Fun Immersive Challenges To Increase Your Customer Engagement

We care more about the things that we own. Collecting stamps or stickers is a fun gamified activity where you can drive your customers to spend more time on your app and web platform and increase their frequency of purchases. The sense of ownership will motivate your users to keep coming back to your product regularly.


Create Epic Adventures For Your Users With Games

Gamification techniques entertain your customers and help to build loyalty. Adding a mini-game as spin-the-wheel will create a fun new way for your users to engage with the content on your app. With CustomerGlu, you can tie your games with rewards, coupons, and exclusive perks to further drive your customers to complete their journeys and increase the average order value as they stand a chance to win exciting prizes.


Encourage User Participation With Fun Mini-Quizzes & Great Prizes

CustomerGlu’s drag-and-drop builder allows you to create personalized quizzes and mini-surveys to drive customer engagement with immersive and fun experiences.

Gamified Refferals

Gamify Your Referral Program To Drive Meaningful User Experiences

With CustomerGlu, you can track your referral programs, nudge your users at just the right time, and create customer reward tiers to ensure that your users complete the referral process. Build all of this and more with our fully personalized drag-and-drop builder and hundreds of gamified templates.


Gently Nudge Your Customers To Complete In-App Activities & Earn Exciting Rewards

Create meaningful relationships with your customers to increase their LTV and generate revenue with gamified nudges.


Reward Regularity With Streaks

Engage your customers with streaks they can complete and earn rewards. CustomerGlu’s drag-and-drop builder enables you to build personalized streaks. You can customize your daily prizes, add additional perks for milestones and set custom checkpoints for your user journeys

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