A modern Webengage Alternative

We also believe user retention is key to making revenue in an online business - but we take a different approach.

At CustomerGlu, we let you build addictive game-like experiences inside your app that truly keep your users coming back for more.

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Tailored to your brand, and designed to maximize stickiness - CustomerGlu will take your product engagement to the next level.

Uplift in Daily Active Users


Increase in Conversions


Uplift in Revenue

Now, a detailed Comparison

How CustomerGlu stacks up against Webengage

In-App Experiences
In-App Nudges and Entry Points
Surveys and Quizzes
Games (Spin The Wheel, Scratch Card, Slot Machine, Memory Game, and Giftbox)
Challenges (Multi-step Challenge, and Stamp Collection)
Wallet / Trophy showcase
Campaign Management
Personalization and Rich Customizability
Ready to Use Templates
Engagement Levers
Audio/Visual Components
Push Notifications

Bonus: Combining 


 with CustomerGlu

Want your in-app experiences delivered to the right people at the right times?
Our integration with 


 will enable you to segment your target audience, measure their conversion intent, and then serve them offers they truly want – all with highly engaging, dynamic campaigns.

Launch Ready-to-use Templates

Within minutes. Without the help of a developer

Slot Machine
Spin The Wheel
Toss the Coin
Gift Box
Roll the Dice

Intuitive Drag and Drop Builder

User segmented Rewards
Design Flexibility
Hyper- Personalised wins
Easy Campaign Management
Customized nudges
Real-Time Tracking

Track, Report and Test

Track custom reward metrics like opened, clicked, and copied rate.
Get segment-wise insights on reward distribution.
Monitor user actions in real-time with logs.
Get live updates & support on your campaign issues.

Brand Customization

Align campaigns with brand-themed font, graphic, and color themes
Customize unique or common rewards with your brand name.

CustomerGlu can help you with..

User Activation
Win Back
Digital Adoption
Limited Time Sale
Repeat Purchase
Average Order Value
Lifetime Value (LTV)
User Onboarding
Customer Engagement
Habit Formation and Loyalty
Cart Abandonment
User Retention
Churn Reduction
First-Time Purchase
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We use a variety of CustomerGlu campaigns to keep users engaged with new games every day, especially during the sale. We have seen 4x uplift in conversions against the previous sale, engagement has been pretty good.

Neha Malhan

“ We use CustomerGlu to drive core-retentive activities inside the app using game-like experiences. This has improved our retention rates by 200% and has significantly helped cut down costs on Ad spends.”

Akul Aggarwal

The journey with CustomerGlu has been amazing so far with respect to both increase in engagement as well as conversions. We see about 1 in every 10 users engaging in gameplays. The gameplays also helped in getting repeat customers and making churned customers active again!

Sakshi Shah


A little context:
You know that feeling? When you try a new app and it just, plain feels good?
You launch it, succumb to its visual and UX delight, and you’re hooked- on the design, the functionality and everything about it. Well, your customers feel the same way.
Here’s when CustomerGlu comes into play
At CG, we believe in leveraging game-like experiences to keep your customers coming back for more.
It’s not just about tactics, like push notifications. While these strategies have their place, they’re not what makes an app successful.
What makes an app successful is when you give customers a product they can’t help but keep playing with.
Seeing your customer base remain engaged – and hopefully even increase – directly translates into increased business success.
Let CustomerGlu help your product take the leap from good to great. All you need to do is reach out!
Leverage all the benefits of CustomerGlu without adding any complexity to your codebase.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gamification and how is it implemented?

Gamification is the process of implementing gaming elements in your mobile/web that helps attract, engage and retain customers.

Think Nykaa Spin The Wheel campaign, Cred Slash The Price deals, etc.

How can gamification improve my business ?

Gamification has proved to reduce churn, and increase engagement, retention, and conversion metrics.

Read how Cred leveraged Gamification and became the OG in the FinTech sector

Do I need a software person to build these campaigns?

No, you don't need technical expertise to start implementing gamification campaigns with CustomerGlu.

How soon can I create a campaign and can I edit it on fly ?

Creating a campaign does not take more than a day and editing could easily be done within minutes.

All the components can be edited from the dashboard - right from theme, fonts to entry points.

Is it easy to integrate with the app and the web?

Yes, we can be easily integrated with Mobile SDK, Web SDK and Shopify.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Chat with our friendly team.

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