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Unlocking The Potential Of Personalized Onboarding In Fintech

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Top 3 user onboarding platforms for your fintech app


How CustomerGlu works?

CustomerGlu makes user onboarding fun and engaging with gamification.

Turn your fintech users into your product experts from day 1 with CustomerGlu

Intuitive Drag & Drop Builder

Build hyper-personalized gamification campaigns without any code to reward desired user behavior.

Track, Report, and Test

Monitor real-time user actions and reward metrics on a centralized dashboard.

Brand Customization

Create white-labeled campaigns with brand-specific font, graphics, and color themes.

Ready-to-use Templates

Launch within minutes. Without the help of a developer

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Perfect your onboarding journey to help your users understand the value of your services, convenience offered by your platform and how to use it effectively.

Consumers say that a good onboarding experience is critical
People are more likely to become active users with good onboarding experience
People more likely to refer friends and family to their financial institution
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Why Trust CustomerGlu?

Protecting user data is our core responsibility and we are driven to follow global compliance standards. With an ongoing end-to-end approach to data privacy and security, your privacy is assured with CustomerGlu.


“We saw a 4x uplift in conversions compared to the previous sale, engagement has been pretty fascinating too!”

-Neha Malhan

“Our core in-app retention activities built using CustomerGlu boosted the retention rates by 200% and cut down costs on Ad spends.”

~ Akul Aggarwal

“We see about 1 in every 10 users engaging in gameplays, helping us in getting repeat customers and making churned customers active again!”

~ Sakshi Shah
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Take CustomerGlu for a Spin

Compatible with Web, Android, iOS, and Shopify – CustomerGlu is absolutely easy to work with in any stack. Our no-code gamification builder adds up to the joy of building, and all you need to focus on is retention & growth.


Ensure Easy User Onboarding with Chameleon

Chameleon is a user onboarding platform that helps companies create a seamless and engaging onboarding experience.

In-app messaging
User segmentation
Drag-and-drop interface
Easy to create & launch campaigns 

Customize Onboarding Experience End-to-End with Userflow

Userflow is a user onboarding and retention tool that helps businesses create personalized onboarding experiences.

Visual editor
Custom triggers
Personalized messages 
Targeted onboarding flows 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is gamification and how is it implemented?

Gamification is the process of implementing gaming elements in your mobile/web that helps attract, engage and retain customers.‍ Think Nykaa Spin The Wheel campaign, Cred Slash The Price deals, etc.

How can gamification improve my business ?

No, you don't need technical expertise to start implementing gamification campaigns with CustomerGlu.

Do I need a software person to build these campaigns?

No, you don't need technical expertise to start implementing gamification campaigns with CustomerGlu.

How soon can I create a campaign and can I edit it on fly ?

No, you don't need technical expertise to start implementing gamification campaigns with CustomerGlu.

Is it easy to integrate with the app and the web?

No, you don't need technical expertise to start implementing gamification campaigns with CustomerGlu.

Top Fintech Apps Acing Their Onboarding Experiences


Acorns is an investment app that helps users save and invest their spare change. Its onboarding process is engaging and interactive, with a fun quiz that helps users determine their investment style and preferences.


Stash is an investment app that uses gamification in its onboarding to make investing more accessible and engaging for new users. The app offers a series of challenges and quizzes to help users understand the basics of investing, as well as personalized investment recommendations based on their goals and risk tolerance


Qapital is a personal finance app that offers a series of challenges and savings rules that allow users to set aside money for specific goals. Qapital also offers social features that allow users to compete with friends and earn rewards for their achievements.


Razorpay's onboarding process includes sending new customers a welcome email that provides an overview of the app's services and instructions for setting up their account. The app offers a range of tutorials and resources to help customers get started, and also provides 24/7 customer support.

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