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Digital Experiences that Turn Your Customers into Brand Advocates

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Top 3 Platforms for Optimizing Digital Experience


How CustomerGlu works?

CustomerGlu enables you to attract, engage, and convert more customers with sticky experiences.

Level Up Your Digital Experience to Enhance Brand Reputation with CustomerGlu

in user adoption rates

Gamified user journeys

Drive user motivation and make product demo fun with gamified user journeys

in engagement

Enticing Challenges

for incentivizing desired user actions

more time spent

Immersive Games

that keep your users on the hunt for rewards

Intuitive Drag & Drop Builder

Design Flexibility
Hyper-Personalised wins
Easy Campaign Management
Customized nudges

Track, Report, and Test

Custom reward metrics
Segment-wise insights
Real-time monitoring
Get live updates & support on your campaign issues.

Brand Customization

White labelled campaigns
Brand positioning
Better targeting
Brand Loyalty

Ready-to-use Templates

No code builder
Pre-designed layouts
Time Efficient
Compatible designs
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CustomerGlu can help you with..

User Activation
Win Back
Digital Adoption
Limited Time Sale
Repeat Purchase
Average Order Value
Lifetime Value (LTV)
User Onboarding
Customer Engagement
Habit Formation and Loyalty
Cart Abandonment
User Retention
Churn Reduction
First-Time Purchase
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Uplift in Daily Active Users
Increase in Conversions
Uplift in Revenue
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Why Trust CustomerGlu?

Protecting user data is our core responsibility and we are driven to follow global compliance standards. With an ongoing end-to-end approach to data privacy and security, your privacy is assured with CustomerGlu.


“We saw a 4x uplift in conversions compared to the previous sale, engagement has been pretty fascinating too!”

-Neha Malhan

“Our core in-app retention activities built using CustomerGlu boosted the retention rates by 200% and cut down costs on Ad spends.”

~ Akul Aggarwal

“We see about 1 in every 10 users engaging in gameplays, helping us in getting repeat customers and making churned customers active again!”

~ Sakshi Shah
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What do Product Hunt experts have to say about CustomerGlu

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Take CustomerGlu for a Spin

Compatible with Web, Android, iOS, and Shopify – CustomerGlu is absolutely easy to work with in any stack. Our no-code gamification builder adds up to the joy of building, and all you need to focus on is retention & growth.


Create Customized Digital Experiences with Optimizely

Optimizely enables businesses to create and test personalized digital experiences, improving engagement, conversion rates, and overall customer satisfaction.

A/B testing and experimentation
Personalization of content and user experiences
Real-time analytics and insights
Integration with various marketing and data tools.

Bloomreach Enables Tailored Digital Experiences to Meet Individual Preferences

Bloomreach helps businesses deliver relevant and personalized digital experiences through AI-driven search, merchandising, and content management solutions.

AI-powered search and merchandising
Content management and optimization
Personalization and segmentation
Omnichannel capabilities for seamless customer experiences.

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