The shift to work from home at Marax AI

With the outbreak of COVID-19, some of the consequences included were economic disruptions, lockdowns, and the rising work from home culture.
Being well aware of the exponential spread of this pandemic, we at Marax AI, took early measures for our team in India. We have been working from home for the last three weeks, ensuring that all of our team members are safe.

The past month has brought in a lot of changes to our lives and our work style. We changed our work environment from the office to our homes. We changed our customer preferences and so much more. Read more about how other businesses have adapted to SARS-CoV2 here

Our outdoor recreations have now become online gaming sessions. We are regularly on video calls where we share and discuss our workflow, doubts, and daily routines.

Thanks to Zoom and Google Calendar, most of us are being more productive and manage our tasks even more efficiently.

"..I didn't expect that WFH could structure our meetings. I have started managing my day better, splitting it between manager's and maker's schedule"

While most of us agree it has made work productive, some of us are enjoying the other perks WFH brings! Not being caught in Bengaluru’s traffic is a dream come true. Because of not having to commute to the office, some of us believe it has saved us time and results in getting started with work earlier and on a better note!

Each week starts with a team call where we discuss the tasks for that week, followed by calls every day to have a check on our completion. We also make an informal call where we share updates that aren’t work-oriented. We host Friday demos where each member gets an opportunity to present what they’ve been working on and what they look forward to in the upcoming one.

We also believe that whether at the office or home, a percentage of our productivity owes to having a proper workstation setup. Hence pictures of our workstations are shared on Slack.

Not only did WFH give us a great workflow, but it also gave us the time to build ourselves as individuals. Most of us have - started to cook, found a new habit, learned a new skill, got time to spend with our pet, started a series, or done something creative. Some of our team leads have also spent this time deep thinking around product ideas, innovative marketing strategies, and learning new concepts from lecture videos.

Let us not forget to mention that we’ve all saved on money and have got a better sleep schedule!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and we at Marax never fail to entertain ourselves. Being unable to enjoy our regular outdoor activities, we have now switched to online gaming in the evenings.

A decade ago, the idea of remote work would be considered ineffective and less productive. Thanks to internet connectivity and the shift to cloud computing. WFH is a success for us and might be adopted by various businesses and continued by some after the halt of this pandemic.

Though all of this seems excellent, the majority of us might just be missing that additional monitor, whiteboard sessions, constant supply of coffee, and, most importantly each other’s company and can’t wait to make it back to the office.

“..nothing can replace a pen and paper explanation by Nagarjun”