The word cart abandonment is undoubtedly a common stumbling block in the world of eCommerce, as we discussed in our previous article. This occurs when a customer transfers items to a shopping cart but leaves before completing the transaction.

This may be a result of various reasons such as lack of trust, unconvincing price, additional shipping/tax costs, or even a confusing checkout. In this blog, we will see methods to tackle these obstacles with Interactive User Engagement.

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According to data from Listrak, a retail marketing firm that tracks shopping cart abandonment, the average rate at which the average consumer abandons their shopping cart before making a purchase is 81%. This means, eCommerce sites lose 4 out of 5 users who fail to complete the transaction and convert.

Making Progress

As individuals, we’re all inclined to appreciate progress. As a result of this customers will feel motivated to perform actions that reward them with this sense of accomplishment and progress.

Add a progress indicator on your checkout pages to increase conversion. By clearly showing where users are in their checkout flow, you can convince them that the process takes no time - giving less opportunity for distractions.  
Another way you can use this psychology to increase sales is in the form of a Stamp Collection Program or a Multi - Step Challenge where you can define a set of activities that you want users to complete. These activities can be view 10 products, buy an item from category X, purchase from the Fall Collection, and so on. Create your own unique stamps themed around your products or a season that a user can collect on completing activities.

Exciting Rewards

When users complete a challenge or a purchase, instead of just a discount, reward your users with scratch cards, spin-the-wheel, or a slot machine. Make their rewarding experience seem so valuable that they are excited to complete the transaction.
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One of the most common Gamification models used by eCommerce sites to sell their products is the Sense of Urgency. Consumers are drawn to sales and limited-time offers which pushes them to complete a transaction. Add a timer to your offers to encourage users to buy a product while they are still eager about it without having to look for alternatives.
Such models needn’t specifically restrict the time for the sale, but can also restrict the products, making it available only for the first 50 or 100 customers. This creates a competitive dynamic among users, enabling them to complete the transaction before anyone else does.

Retarget the Abandoners

Accepting that some consumers will potentially abandon their carts no matter what, is your biggest lesson to overcoming shopping cart abandonment. Use their data as an opportunity to re-target them with a campaign that seems more personal to them.

Send push-notifications, SMS, emails, and other offers offers to get these users back on your app. Personalize their rewards and discounts as well as their activities to complete based on their interests. This gives you a better shot at converting the abandoners.

Other Common Practices

You don't want anything – anything – to get in the way of your customers getting a fulfilling, rewarding, and eventually smooth shopping experience while designing your ecommerce checkout pages. Hence adding multiple payment options reduces the risk of abandonment.

The most common reason for cart abandonment is unexpected shipping costs. There's nothing more frustrating than planning to pay one price and then being met with so many hidden prices and surcharges especially shipping charges. The only way to avoid this is by being honest and upfront about all costs from the beginning.
Including thumbnail pictures of the items users have added to their cart, is a “grounding” tactic that reassures the consumer of what they're buying.
Keep the checkout experience as simple as possible to reduce friction and make the transaction as smooth and convenient as possible for customers. You can also build trust with your users by adding logos and by enabling users to read reviews on your product.

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