Priyanka Menon

Associate Product Manager,

Purplle is an eCommerce platform that sells beauty and cosmetic products.

Prateek Gupta

CEO and Co-Founder,
Marax AI

Marax help marketers send a fine-tuned discount with the help of AI to each customer to boost conversions from a budget.

Rebound post COVID-19

In light of COVID, with an unpredictable duration of lockdown, businesses have been focussed on building their product and strategizing for a rebound.

How is Purplle engaging with their customers?

“...as soon as the lockdown is lifted.. how do we get back and how do we get the business up and running as soon as possible…”

Prateek Gupta, 1:05

Impact of Covid-19 on user behaviour

With the current situation, where supply chain has been the most functional among all industries, users are forced to step into the online realm. Covid-19 has created a large online customer base who spend significant time on the internet. This leads to the requirement of content marketing.

Service based companies that sell eCommerce products such as Purplle, Amazon, etc are likely to face a steep difference. Educational infrastructures are looking at online classes and courses as a sustainable model.

Considering how various brands are strategizing to sustain their user base, let us learn how Purplle has promoted brand-loyalty.

“...everybody is trying to reach out.. let’s say push notifications or doing something on the app or sharing DIY content…”

Prateek Gupta, 9:33

Admitting that this is a tough time, Purplle has focussed on being more empathetic to their customers instead of bombarding them with offers. The key idea is to add value to the brand by equipping the users with more content and by launching Beauty Studio - a feature that will be discussed.

“.. in time of need, equip them with whatever we can in terms of spending this time beautifully..”

Priyanka Menon, 10:48

Although communication of offers occur, it is not of utmost priority.

“..keeping the brand alive in the users’ mind..”

Prateek Gupta, 12:00

Business Standpoint

Purplle’s primary focus is on two things. One, staying in touch with their users and keeping them engaged and two, supplying government sanctioned eCommerce products that are essentials. Sanitizers were launched within a week since Covid for sufficient supply of products at a reasonable cost.

“... before this we did not have categories like N95 masks or surgical masks and kits..”

Priyanka Menon, 13:00

As the budget for incentives have always been relative to the sales, due to the business slowdown, the budget has also reduced. As mentioned before, the focus from selling items have been shifted to building communication with the users.

Product Development

With plenty of time, Purplle is now working on less prioritized tasks. Especially with low traffic, Priyanka mentions that it is the perfect time to experiment and test out features.

“...given right now, people are into DIYs, they want to try things.. there are numerous options .. we gather all these needs together and try to facilitate them...”

Priyanka Menon, 18:10

Some of the major updates the product development team has worked on, is having sales of essential products only, product recommendations and Beauty Studio.

Beauty Studio is a feature that enables users’ discover products in a video. A user can identify a product as well as get instructions on how to use it.

User Segmentation

Which segment of users are businesses going to focus more on to set their budget and spend it efficiently?

“...it is universal that, businesses are scrambling to save more money ...”

Prateek Gupta, 20:20

Priyanka believes, that the most focus should be on users who are active on your business platform. It is important to take their behaviour into account and accordingly share relevant content with them via the channel that is closest to them like push notifications.

“...it is way more easier for a customer to view a push notification than an email..”

Priyanka Menon, 20:40

What a customer is looking for can be inferred from the pages and price range and the videos that customer is viewing. For example, a user viewing products has more intent of purchasing whereas a user using Beauty Studio is looking to discover new products.

What can CustomerGlu solve?

We as a business are trying to personalize the the experience of an offer to the end user and at the same time optimize it for business constraints like budget.

Product Discount Recommendation

With our latest product feature launch - Product Discount Recommendation, we recommend the right product from your inventory for every user with a minimal discount that can convert them.

We hit the success metrics which is uplifting your net revenue per conversion.

Not only does CustomerGlu personalize these offers for a user but also optimizes it for business constraints. With minimal spend on each product, get higher conversions from the same spend - improving the ROI of campaigns.

  • We use Artificial Intelligence in a big way to make this possible via tech used by Netflix and Amazon to recommend shows and products to their users, respectively.
  • We control the cost on the business end by spending less on campaigns.
  • Get started with a product discount workflow with our easy to consume APIs.

Multi-step Program

Once the SDK is installed, you will be able to run various types of programs like a multi-step program, or a single step. Users will be able to complete a set of steps and can earn a reward like a scratch card or a direct coupon that they can use.

Classic rewards like promo codes or product discounts are re-imagined for every user and built around personalisation where CustomerGlu can deliver these to every user on your platform.

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