Our mission at CustomerGlu is to help e-commerce companies run offers that convert while spending less. And over the past 2 years, we’ve help companies achieve this with powerful Offer types that are budget-driven.

During that time, we realized that to help customers transact more in e-commerce while spending less, it’s important to treat each customer differently especially when giving offers.

Imagine a world where instead of sending another 30% Off coupon to everyone, you could send them a product that they prefer with a discount that will convert

Today we’re launching Product discount recommendations — to help eCommerce companies to drive purchases with the least spend.

“With Product Discounts, companies can now convert more with least offer spend on products”

In a study conducted by SmarterHQ, 90% of the respondents said that they are willing to share their data to receive exclusives discounts on products that they like.

Offers are a great way to motivate users to transact. Product Personalisation for users is key to increasing transactions in eCommerce. Adhering to our mission, we’ve combined these two concepts that drive transactions in the form of Product discounts.

Platform wide product discounts in eCommerce don’t cater to the unique needs and preferences of customers which thereby leads to lower transaction rates. By giving a flat discount on a segment or all users, you end up unnecessary spending money on customers who were already going to transact leading to a price-sensitive habit which is unsustainable for businesses.

CustomerGlu makes it easy for eCommerce companies to drive transactions under business constraints by showing each user a set of personalized products ranked according to their intent to purchase with discounts that are just enough to push them to transact.

Offers are a great way to motivate users to transact. Product Personalisation for users is key to increasing transactions in eCommerce. Adhering to our mission, we’ve combined these two concepts that drive transactions in the form of Product discounts.

How Product Discount Recommendations work

Now Marketers can easily run a personalized flash sale without any involvement of the developer team with the CustomerGlu dashboard.

1. Add Products to a collection

Running product discounts starts with choosing the products that you want to give discounts on. Depending on your business needs you can choose to have all your inventory on sale or specific categories, products.

  • Use search and filters to find the Product
  • Add Products and save to collection

2. Add Discount ranges

Once Products are added, it’s time for you to add discount ranges on products. A range allows CustomerGlu to find the right discount on the product for a customer.

  • Discount Range: You can define a range of discounts for the set of products. The discount range between 20% to 40%
  • Override discounts for finer control over each product’s discount range

3. Run Product discounts

Decide how many product discounts you want to show your customers with the Rank size

4. Show these offers the way you want

With flexible webhooks, you can define creative Offer experiences for your customers in the form of personalized flash sales, a product of the day or even a win-back email with the product discounts

Some example use cases with Product discounts

  • Personalized Flash sales: Show different users their very own flash sales which reduce costs.
  • Winback emails with products that customers want at a discount that you can give

Check out the use cases section for more ways to use product discounts.

Not just your run of the mill Product Discounts

Whether you want to attract users with a personalized flash sale or bring churned customers back, CustomerGlu’s Product discounts do it better with cost controls along with a personalization engine and a flexible API to present them any way you want.

Optimized for the Business

Businesses can set a Campaign budget or Max discount margin on the products in the campaign. Unlike other solutions in the market, these business constraints drive the Offers that are individually given to customers for their preferred products thereby ensuring sustainable retention

Adapt the recommendations to your business

Campaign managers can additionally define custom recommendation rules which work seamlessly with the Machine learning engine to show the right product discounts for your business. What’s even better is that recommendations keep getting better with more campaign runs.

One API. Many use cases

Businesses can access Product discount recommendations using flexible output Webhooks. This opens up opportunities to create a variety of use cases like personalized flash sales, resurrection emails with personalized discounts, etc. that fit your business need.

Recommendations designed to build Long term behavior

The Machine learning model takes into account over 120 factors like customer’s lifecycle stage, their interaction with products + discounts in the past, and behavior of other similar users who are now loyal users along with business constraints to recommend the product discount combination for a user.

. . .

CustomerGlu is easy to set up and at the same time flexible enough to fit your use case. To lower the barriers to entry, CustomerGlu can work on top of existing tools in the marketing and analytics stack to provide the engine with User behavior logs for recommendations. Once setup is complete, it usually takes 7 to 14 days to boot up the system to give value on the first campaign

Product discount is launching today for companies in Shopping, fashion, Beauty, Health, and wellness, Grocery and Food delivery and is available on request. To request access and learn more, visit the product page

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