Ayush Srivastava

Growth Lead,

GrabOnRent rents out furnitures, appliances and fitness equipments in four major cities of India. Ayush is also part of Growth Folks, a 950+ members growth community.

Rishabh Patil

Digital Marketing Associate, Purplle

Purplle is an eCommerce platform that sells beauty and cosmetic products.

Vinay Maheshwari

Founder and CEO,
The Health Factory

The Health Factory delivers high-protein food to it’s customers, striving to revolutionize nutrition, one meal at a time.

Vivek Gaur

Senior Associate Business manager, Simplilearn

With a library of 400+ courses, Simplilearn is a leading professional certification company.

How has Covid-19 changed their incentivization game?

Let us take a look at how these brands used offers and incentives in a Covid-free world, how they have adapted to the current situation and the outcome.

Incentives in a Covid-free world

Purplle had given their discounts based on their user’s activity on their platform. Inactive users received offers, however most of these remained non-monetary, content based. An example would be, Do-It-Yourself make up routines that were shared with users.

Rental being a small niche of eCommerce, offers and discounts play a huge part in sales as it is price sensitive.

“72 percentage of customers are likely to go to a website that provides them a higher discount… and the second priority is the quality of the product”

Ayush Srivastava, 20:37

GrabOnRent had given two types of discounts based on the type of customer - new users and existing users. Having utmost focus on retaining their existing customer base, GrabOnRent weren't giving away blanket discounts to their customers, instead offers were sent based on how long a customer was committed to the brand.

For a retail first brand like The Health Factory, discounts were of two kinds - retail based and subscription based. The subscribed customers received offers based on their duration and frequency of transaction on the platform.

The discount model for an edtech company like Simplilearn included

  • 20 percent off for every learner who came throught tele-calling.
  • Learners who came via reference received vouchers and exceptional discounts on courses
  • A user who had completed certification received offers to complete a new certification.
“..providing discounts and incentivizing the customers right on the telephone is what our first and our major model was…”

Vivek Gaur, 29:00

Impact of Covid

Being a fast growing eCommerce rental company, GrabOnRent usually had most sales during the summers as customers would rent refrigerators and other appliances to beat the heat. Ever since the lockdown, they’ve had a major dip on their delivery line as well as revenue line with zero deliveries in all four cities.
Similarly, Purplle noticed a large percentage of their users turning inactive and The Health Factory noticed a drop on their retail sales.
On the contrary, having digital delivery for a product, Simplilearn had a surge in users,  30% rise in website visitors and an increase in course enrollment.

Represting different sectors of businesses with different sets of problems, summarized Prateek Gupta,

“...now isnt the time to reminisce what happened in the past rather an oppurtunity to move forward and think about more innovative ways on how to bring these customers back to your platform…”

Prateek Gupta, 32:20

How to cope?

As a consequence to the above observations, these companies have taken measures to retain their user base. Learn how other businesses are adapting to Covid-19 here.

In an attempt to shift inactive users back, Purplle encourages the sale of only essential products instead of cosmetics. The Health Factory is interested in planning and strategizing discounts post Covid, as there will be a behavioural change in users. One such idea is the wallet journey of a customer. The activity and transaction of a user gains them loyalty points which they can further use to redeem discounts.

“.. it is first important to tackle your current set rather than tapping into the newer set..”

Vinay Maheshwari, 24:17

While GrabOnRent is using this time to get in touch with their users spreading hope and getting feedback on their brand, Simplilearn is giving 100+ free courses on their website and social media campaigns which will get them leads. Post lockdown, these leads will then be converted into Customers.

“..especially executive education, it is a sector where each and everyone is trying to upscale themselves to match the.. demands of a world that will start post Covid ..”

Vivek Gaur, 28:28

How to not lose your users' attention?

As users spend more time at home on their devices, their attention span has decreased. Read more to find out the subtle way these brands have managed to engage their users on their platform.

To keep their users active, Purplle has launched games on their application. They have also promoted habit formation with the idea - "It takes 21 days to build a habit" . This corresponds to the first 21 days India was under lockdown.  

However, this period was a huge challenge for a rental company like GrabOnRent as it wouldn’t be practical to expect your users to visit a rental app everyday. Instead, they focussed on reaching out to their customers via text messages, social media and calls to receive feedback.

“.. going an extra step ahead.. to come up with a new strategy to differentiate yourself from the rest.. would be the best way to grab attention of random users as well as your users..”

Ayush Srivastava, 38:05

Selling not just a product but a lifestyle, The Health Factory has been keeping their users engaged by sharing content like recipes that their customers can try during this lockdown. They have also encouraged users to try a new product.

“.. we’re engaging our consumers with exciting content, we come up with a bunch of recipes, we give them exercises, we try to build the health factory around a holistic portal..”

Vinay Maheshwari, 39:17

Vinay claims that in a situation as such, what a user looks for the most is convenience, and the team having their logistics in order helps them satisfy their customers’ needs and promote loyalty with the brand.

As online education is booming, Simplilearn realizes that this it the right time to build. Various campaigns are running for user engagement and retention. Some other methods include - launching games on their platform, quick questions to be answered to unlock a free course, hacker’s marathon and so on. As users participate in such events, more leads are generated.

A little about logistics.

In a trying time as this, how are these companies delivering safe products to their customers?

Since The Health Factory handles their own logistics, products are made in a safe environment and the bikers are closely monitored and tracked according to various guidelines. From creation phase to the door step of the customer, the product is securely transported.

Before lockdown, Grab On Rent made sure their safety measures were clearly conveyed to their customers, like furnitures going through a dry alcohol wash. Their delivery workers were had a protocol of their own that included wearing masks, gloves and sanitizing in-front of the customer to build trust.

What’s new?

As sales is working for some, and time is in their hands. Read further to know the new features or ideas these brands are looking forward to, to revamp their product and interest their users.

Simplilearn’s product team is currently working on introducing new features in for online classes that would make it interactive for a learner and improve customer experience.

Purplle, is switching to organic methods to gain customers. They are also working on creating filters for users to try a virtual look of the cosmetic product before purchasing. Rishab believes that these interactive features will increase customer activity. They have also launched games and are continuing running campaigns and working on automating messages like push notifications and sms to users based on the users’ activity.

“.. ..We are launching new filters so you can see in real time how a lipstick looks on you, or make-up looks on you…and have things to share with the community...”

Rishab Patil, 58:00

As GrabOnRent uses this time to interact more with their users, fix internal glitches and work on their inventory dashboard and a more detailed analytics, The Health Factory are tightening their system and planning ahead with strategies for a post lockdown world.

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